The Makings of the SecuriGene DNA Capsule

June 29, 2015
SecuriGene DNA Capsule Memorial Banking Preservation

SecuriGene DNA Capsule

When tasked with creating the SecuriGene DNA capsule, our industrial design team had to meet several criteria: quality, functionality & aesthetics.

Only the best materials available were used in the manufacturing of the DNA capsule. Solid blocks of 316L surgical-grade stainless steel were shipped to our processing facility and carefully machined using the latest in CNC technology to individually create each capsule. We tested the integrity of over 20 different types of glass before choosing the one used for our DNA capsule. Each DNA capsule is assembled and polished by hand.

We designed the SecuriGene DNA capsule to protect your sample from moisture, contaminants and physical damage. A triple-seal system was created to lock out external contaminants, and a desiccating unit was incorporated into the design to actively remove moisture within the capsule. The external steel walls of each capsule are 3mm in thickness and perfectly rounded to fully protect the glass chamber when closed.

The SecuriGene DNA capsule was intended to be passed on from generation to generation. We wanted to create an elegant, sleek, timeless design without compromising the practical features of the capsule. It was important for us to create a vessel worthy of the individual it protects within. Our designers were inspired by the design of the large bolts found on bank vaults, and decided to create a capsule to reflect that same level of security.

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