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DNA preservation allows families to save the entire genome of their loved one for generations to come.

Why Preserve DNA?

Create a Lasting Memorial Keepsake of Your Loved One

DNA preservation is the best option for families who are looking for a meaningful way to memorialize and remember their loved one. Unlike ashes, hair or other traditional keepsake items, DNA contains the entire genetic ‘blueprint’ of an individual. Preserving DNA gives families an opportunity to capture all this information and establish a connection that will last forever.

Keep a Physical Record of your Family Tree

DNA contains valuable information about our ancestral past and family roots. When a person passes away, this information is often lost forever. Banked DNA will last indefinitely inside the SecuriGene DNA Capsule, allowing families to pass their genetic make-up down to future generations.

Document Hereditary Diseases that run in the Family

Approximately 75% of all known diseases can be traced back to our genetic makeup. Many of the genetic mutations that cause cancers and other hereditary diseases have been identified. Banking your family’s DNA is an important step in tracing the root cause of hereditary diseases and paves the way for targeted treatments in the future.

Store DNA for Future Testing

Banked DNA lasts indefinitely and can be accessed for testing at any time. A wide range of genetic tests are currently available for everything from ancestry testing to disease predisposition testing and more are yet to come.

Open Doors for Personalized Medicine

Studying your family’s DNA may assist doctors in determining which treatment plans will work best for you, and which ones will be ineffective. This technology is already being used to determine the tolerance, optimal dosage level and effectivity of drugs used in heart disease and cancer patients.

Create New Opportunities for Ancestry Testing

Trace your ancestral roots using DNA. As more genetic markers are identified, DNA ancestry testing will become much more powerful than it is today. Keeping a record of your family’s DNA opens new doors in this exciting field and creates opportunities for testing that were never available before.
“DNA banking preserves the opportunity for future research or clinical testing and may provide critical opportunities for surviving relatives.”
– American Association of Clinical Oncology

DNA Preservation Memorial

SecuriGene DNA Memorial Capsule Preservation Funeral
  • Precision-crafted from a solid block of 316L surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Impact & UV resistant
  • Removable cap
  • Individually engraved
  • Shock-resistant Borosilicate glass chamber
  • Triple-sealed design to keep moisture out
  • Extracted, purified & preserved DNA
  • Built-in humidity regulator

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How to Get Started

**PLEASE NOTE** DNA Collection must be performed BEFORE cremation or embalming. You must notify your funeral service provider immediately if you wish to bank DNA.
  • DNA Funeral Memorial Genetic Preservation Kit
    1. Purchase DNA Preservation Kit from your funeral home or online:
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  • Post Mortem DNA Sample Memorial Preservation
    2. Your funeral home will collect a small DNA sample
  • DNA Banking Memorial Kit Funeral Shipping
    3. The DNA sample is sent to our laboratory for processing
  • SecuriGene DNA Capsule Memorial
    4. DNA is extracted, purified, preserved then sent back to you along with full lab reports


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  • DNA Legacy SecuriGene
    DNA Legacy is a division of SecuriGene Technologies Inc. We offer post-mortem DNA banking services direct to consumers and through our network of over 1000 partnered funeral homes worldwide.
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