1000+ Funeral Homes Now Offering DNA Banking

May 28, 2015
SecuriGene DNA Banking Funeral Home Locations

Authorized Collection Locations

DNA Banking services are now offered in Over 1000 funeral homes across North America.

DNA banking is the secure preservation and long-term storage of an individual’s unique genetic material. DNA contains valuable information about each individual, from the color of their hair, eyes, and other physical traits, to their inherited health risks, medical conditions and ancestral roots.

When a family chooses to preserve DNA, a small sample is collected by the funeral home and sent to our laboratory for processing. At the laboratory, DNA is extracted, purified, dried, and then hermetically sealed inside a SecuriGene DNA capsule, which is returned to the family along with full reports certifying the quantity and quality of the sample.

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Funeral homes wishing to offer DNA banking services can sign up here.